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Aggressive Frankfort Criminal Defense Lawyers Protect Clients’ Rights

Experienced Kentucky litigators pursue favorable results for the accused

Have you been accused of committing a crime? If so, you should not let the prosecutor bully you or intimidate you into surrendering your fundamental rights. Located in Frankfort, Johnson Bowman Branco, LLP battles on behalf of Kentucky clients facing felony or misdemeanor charges. Our criminal defense attorneys have more than 65 combined years of experience protecting the rights of individuals accused of crimes, including violent felonies, and we’ll safeguard you against overzealous authorities and work tirelessly to achieve the outcome you seek.

Effective advocates assist individuals charged with felonies

We are devoted to protecting our clients’ freedom and strongly challenge the evidence and witnesses brought by prosecutors. No matter how tough the case might seem, our accomplished litigators know that witnesses sometimes lie or forget what occurred, crime scenes can be tampered with, and police officers can make mistakes. This is crucial in serious felony matters that could result in extended prison sentences if you’re convicted of crimes such as:

  • Murder
  • Sexual offenses
  • Armed robbery
  • Burglary
  • Credit card fraud

A person convicted of a felony is sentenced to serve at least one year in a state or federal prison and may be committed for life. In addition, convicted felons are stripped of many of the rights guaranteed to American citizens, including the right to vote, the right to travel out of the country and the right to own a gun. Convicted felons also have to disclose their crimes on job applications and can be deported if they are not American citizens.

How your felony charge is defended can make the difference between life and death for you. Our familiarity with the state and federal criminal justice systems helps accused individuals understand what they’re facing and make informed decisions about whether to seek a plea bargain and sentence reduction. Once you’ve been charged, the authorities can pressure you into statements or actions that could be very costly. Our firm helps prevent abusive tactics and unforced errors. To maximize the likelihood of a dismissal, acquittal or fair plea bargain, we personally speak with witnesses, review police records, examine the purported crime scene and search for evidence that can help prove your innocence.

Franklin County firm helps people counter misdemeanor allegations

Misdemeanors are crimes such as disorderly conduct, simple assault, shoplifting and trespassing that are punishable by less than one year’s incarceration. Although misdemeanors don’t carry the same type of sentences as felonies, having a misdemeanor conviction on your criminal record can limit your employment options and can result in a jail sentence. Whether you’re charged with a Class A or B misdemeanor offense, ensure that you receive fair treatment by letting us represent you.

Experienced litigators handle cases involving alleged motor vehicle offenses

If you have been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving with a suspended license, or vehicular manslaughter, we can help. In addition to defending Kentucky residents against criminal allegations, our firm also assists clients who are fighting traffic tickets and attempting to get their driver’s licenses restored. Before you choose to give up your right to a trial or administrative review, it’s wise to get the perspective of an accomplished attorney.

Tenacious attorneys represent defendants charged with drug crimes

Charges of trafficking, distribution or possession of illegal substances or drug paraphernalia can result in heavy fines and extended time in jail. You can rely on our knowledge of drug crimes and our history of successful results to help construct the strongest possible defense against state and federal charges. Whether the substance involved is an opioid, cocaine, marijuana or a prescription drug, our lawyers are committed to seeking the best result possible and identifying potential alternatives to incarceration, such as substance abuse treatment.

Knowledgeable lawyers advise on the sealing and expungement of records

A criminal record can prevent you from pursuing higher education, securing your dream job or traveling abroad. If it has been at least five years since your conviction, we’ll advise you as to whether you are eligible for an expungement of prior criminal charges. Our knowledgeable lawyers can prepare the necessary paperwork to remove certain items from your record or get those records sealed so that you can move on with your life.

Contact an accomplished Kentucky criminal defense lawyer for a consultation

Johnson Bowman Branco, LLP in Frankfort defends Kentucky residents charged with all types of offenses. When your freedom is on the line, choose a criminal defense attorney with the experience and dedication to make a difference. Please call 502-605-6100 or contact us online to discuss your case.

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