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Same-Sex Family Law

With the recent Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, issued on June 26, 2015, same-sex marriage is now legal across the United States. Kentucky’s prior restriction on marriage, which defined it as being between a man and a woman, is no more, and LGBTQ couples are now free to enjoy the same rights as all other married couples. However, this decision will have long-reaching effects and will change nearly every aspect of family law. Johnson Bowman Branco, LLP, can help individuals with child custody and visitation, divorce, adoption, child support, domestic violence, child abuse/neglect and any other family law issue that may affect them in their same-sex relationship.

The attorneys of Johnson Bowman Branco, LLP, have been assisting LGBTQ clients since long before this recent change in the law by helping them navigate through what once was a maze of discriminatory statutes. With this recent decision, the Supreme Court has solidified LGBTQ couples with the same protections as all other individuals in the family law realm, which begins to clarify the services that we can provide to you. If you have questions regarding the Supreme Court’s decision and how it will impact your family law issue, give Johnson Bowman Branco, LLP, a call today.