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Employment Law

Depending on your job and your employer, different rules regarding your relationship with your employer may apply. Some employees are known as “at-will” employees, meaning that they can be terminated for almost any reason at any time. Other employees can only be terminated for good cause. If you feel that your employer has wrongfully terminated you or has otherwise treated you unfairly, you might have a legal case against them. On the other hand, if you are an employer being sued by an employee who has accused you of wrongdoing, you also need an attorney who will make sure you have your day in court.

One common area of litigation involving the employment relationship is discrimination. Federal law protects certain types of people from being fired or treated unfairly because of certain characteristics they have. These include your race, age, sex, and whether or not you have a disability. If you are an employee and feel that you have been discriminated against on one of these grounds or if you are an employer and have been accused of discrimination, Johnson Bowman Branco, LLP, can help.