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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation encompasses a wide variety of legal actions. A majority of civil litigation involves suits for damages due to either negligence or breach of contract. However, the term also applies to many other legal areas, such as business law, real estate law, and trust and estate law, to name a few. If you are faced with a lawsuit, or feel that you have a claim against a person or business, Johnson Bowman Branco, LLP, can help.

Johnson Bowman Branco, LLP, is a complete firm offering traditional legal representation.  We have years of experience litigating civil matters on both sides and take each case seriously. We will devote our time and effort toward achieving your objectives. We will closely examine the facts and applicable law, prepare a well-thought-out and purposeful strategy, and then either vigorously seek a judgment, or vigorously defend you and your business.

Please do not wait to call. There are certain statutes of limitations and filing deadlines that require swift action. Contact us immediately if you have been served with a Complaint, or if you want to discuss a possible action.