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Should you divorce before or after the holidays?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | Family Law |

Sometimes, a curious thing happens once people determine that divorce is the only solution for their marital problems. They feel relieved about finally making a tough decision and may even feel anxious to get started.

Ordinarily, that sense of relief and eagerness can help spouses meet the challenges of divorce. However, it could lead to unexpected issues that complicate the process, especially at year’s end when you must deal with the holidays.

Why do some couples wait till January?

Divorce is stressful and emotional, and so are the holidays. If you combine them, you may end up with more conflict and drama than you expected. You may also have to deal with legal issues, such as temporary orders, court dates and negotiations, which can add to your anxiety and frustration during the holidays.

Other reasons you may want to wait:

  • To preserve holiday joy for your kids
  • To ensure fair distribution of year-end bonuses (counts as marital property)
  • To simplify tax season in the upcoming year
  • To help you enjoy the holidays

Many couples postpone filing because there is so much to do at the end of the year, and they would rather wait until they can focus on the divorce.

When should you file anyway?

In some situations, it can be harmful to you or your children if you postpone your divorce for any reason. For example, if your marital strife is seriously harming your mental health or putting you at risk of spousal violence, it may be best not to wait any longer.

Contrary to common belief, you need not make these life-changing decisions alone. Legal guidance from someone with experience handling Kentucky family law issues can provide critical support when your decision-making skills must be on point.