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Can you ask for enough alimony to keep your married lifestyle?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2023 | Family Law |

Here in Kentucky, the divorce of former Gov. Matt Blevin and his wife has been in the news this year as she filed for divorce to end their marriage, which lasted for 26 years and produced nine children. For other Kentucky couples considering divorce, it may bring up some questions and concerns. Let’s address one of them here.

In her divorce petition, Glenna Blevin contends that she’s “unable to support herself in the manner to which she has been accustomed during the marriage” and seeks alimony (spousal maintenance) while the divorce is in process, followed by permanent spousal support.

While it’s rarer than it once was for spouses to receive permanent alimony in divorce, it is still one option in Kentucky — especially after a long marriage where one spouse hasn’t worked full-time outside the home for years. It can certainly be more difficult for these spouses – especially if they’re in their middle or later years – to get the skills, experience and connections needed to enter or re-enter the workforce at a level that will allow them to support themselves. But can they seek support that will allow them not just to get by, but live in the style they did when they and their spouse were together? 

What does Kentucky law say?

Under Kentucky law, judges can consider a large number of factors when determining how much alimony to award, including the standard of living the couple established while they were married. Judges must also factor in things like:

  • Each spouse’s individual financial resources
  • The ages and health of each spouse  
  • How long the couple was married

Of course, if a divorcing couple is able to come to an agreement on their own, they don’t have to leave it to a judge to decide – only to approve their negotiated settlement.

One of the first things both spouses are required to do in the divorce process is provide full and accurate financial disclosures listing their assets, income, debts and more. Having your own financial and tax advisors can help you and your legal team better work towards the spousal maintenance and other agreements that will let you move on as comfortably as possible.