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Actions that may cause you to lose your teaching certificate

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2023 | Administrative Law |

Becoming a teacher is a lifelong dream for many people, and the day the Kentucky Board of Education grants them their certification is a cause for celebration.

But it’s important to remember that teachers are held to a certain standard in their personal and professional lives, and certain conduct could result in the revocation of that hard-earned certificate.

1. Insubordination

Teachers are expected to behave professionally by respecting the chain of command and complying with the school’s rules and regulations. Constant disobedience or disrespect may result in disciplinary action.

2. Immoral character or misconduct

Kentucky’s Board of Education doesn’t necessarily outline what constitutes immoral character or conduct unbecoming of a teacher. However, it may include the following:

  • Inappropriate relationships with students
  • Substance abuse
  • Dishonesty
  • Criminal activity

3. Physical or mental disability

If a teacher in Kentucky has a physical or mental disability, they cannot be fired solely because of this condition if they can perform the job’s functions.

But suppose their disability prevents them from performing their essential duties, even with reasonable accommodations, or they directly threaten the health or safety of themselves, their colleagues, and students. In that case, there may be grounds for termination.

4. Inefficiency, incompetency, or neglect of duty

A teacher may be considered inefficient or incompetent if they cannot manage their classroom or meet the educational needs of their students. Neglect of duty may mean failing to fulfill tasks such as lesson planning or grading.

Termination usually comes after a multi-step process that involves documenting the problems and offering a performance improvement plan. If the teacher fails to improve, they may well lose their job.

Your livelihood depends on you maintaining your professional certification. If you risk losing it, you need to work with someone who can speak on your behalf and protect your rights.