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These myths could lead to a DUI charge

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | DUI |

In some cases, people find themselves facing DUI charges that they really thought they did enough to avoid. They took steps to keep from being pulled over and to “sober up” before they drove. They believed they were being wise and safe.

Why didn’t their efforts work? It may be because they were simply following the guidance of some common myths. To help you avoid making the same mistake and being charged with impaired driving as a result, here are a few of the myths people sometimes lean on when trying to avoid being pulled over.

Myth: Drinking coffee sobers you up

First and foremost, a cup of coffee won’t sober you up. This is a common “remedy” for someone who has had too much to drink. But all that’s really happening is that the caffeine in the coffee is a stimulant. Alcohol is a depressant. The stimulant might make you seem temporarily more awake, but it doesn’t change your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at all.

Myth: You just need to drink some water

Water can be helpful if you drink it while consuming alcohol. It slows down your rate of intoxication and keeps you from becoming dehydrated. Drinking it after the fact can also counter dehydration, but it won’t affect your BAC. Once that BAC has exceeded the legal limit, no amount of water is going to bring it down faster than time will.

Myth: Eat a big meal

Eating a meal is sort of like water, in the sense that it can help slow down intoxication in advance. But, also like water, it doesn’t do anything for your BAC after you’ve been drinking. if anything, it may just make you feel full and tired, amplifying the effects of the alcohol.

What actually works?

The only thing that really works is time. You have to wait until your blood alcohol concentration drops naturally and your body metabolizes the alcohol you’ve already consumed. This usually happens at a rate of 0.015% per hour.

If you don’t do that, then you can find yourself facing DUI charges, and needing to know about all of your criminal defense options. Remember that a DUI can lead to a license suspension, time behind bars, high financial fines and much more if you don’t present a successful defense.