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3 times someone’s DUI charge could cost them their job

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | DUI |

Allegations of impaired driving can have a ripple effect that reaches many different parts of someone’s life. Even if they avoid incarceration, they may lose their driving privileges and have to cope with a criminal record that turns up during every background check they undergo.

Many people don’t take the time to fight back against impaired driving charges and then end up regretting the long-term consequences they suffer. Those with a DUI on their record may notice a significant career setback after their drunk driving conviction. Some people will even lose their jobs. These are a few of the circumstances under which someone’s employment may be at risk following an impaired driving arrest.

1. When they work for the military or the government

The military has a relatively strict stance on impaired driving and substance abuse in general. Especially if someone intends to pursue a military career, a single drunk driving offense might put an end to their ambitions. Government employees with substance abuse disorders or criminal convictions may struggle to pass the background and clearance checks necessary to maintain their employment.

2. When someone drives for work

Some people need to maintain a commercial driver’s license, which will be subject to very strict federal and state rules. A single drunk driving offense could be enough to make someone ineligible for a commercial license, even if the infraction occurred in their personal vehicle and not in a semi-truck.

Even if someone does not need a special license to drive for their job, the suspension of their driver’s license or the higher cost to carry insurance on company vehicles because of their record might force them to leave their position because they can no longer perform the basic job requirements.

3. When an employer has a zero-tolerance policy

Some organizations have rules that specifically prohibit any criminal activity while working for them. Although they might overlook a blemish on someone’s criminal record, a conviction while working for the company will automatically lead to someone’s termination or at the very least prevent them from qualifying for future promotions and raises.

Additionally, those who require professional licensing to do their jobs could be at risk of losing their licensing because of criminal issues. Understanding how a drunk driving offense might impact someone’s career could motivate them to fight back with the assistance of an experienced legal professional.