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How long will someone miss work over a DUI charge?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | DUI |

There are many ways that a Kentucky driving under the influence (DUI) charge could affect someone’s life. Also sometimes called a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge, an impaired driving offense involves allegations that someone operated a vehicle while obviously impaired or while over the legal limit for their blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Someone arrested on suspicion of drunk driving will face numerous criminal penalties if convicted. A judge could impose fines, suspend someone’s driver’s license and/or sentence them to a period of incarceration. A DUI offense will likely mean that the defendant will miss some work.

A guilty plea could lead to jail time

Many people think that if they plead guilty right away, they won’t have to worry about the worst penalties possible. However, after entering a guilty plea, a defendant is at the mercy of the judge hearing the case. If the judge sentences someone to the maximum incarceration possible, a guilty plea might mean a significant absence from work.

Although someone convicted of a first DUI in Kentucky may only need to serve 48 hours in county jail, a judge could sentence someone to up to 30 days in state custody. A second DUI could mean up to six months in jail, while a third offense could lead to up to a year in state custody. Fourth or subsequent offenses will result in felony charges and mandatory minimum jail sentences.

Criminal proceedings will also require an absence

The best way for someone to minimize how much time they miss at work would be to fight the charges against them so that they don’t end up sentenced to jail time. Of course, going to criminal court can also require multiple days away from work, although it may be easier for someone to schedule ahead of time to take leave and more feasible for them to avoid explaining to their employer why they can’t come to work on those days.

Time off of work isn’t the only DUI-related consideration related to someone’s professional future that may be of note after a drunk driving arrest. Having a criminal record and losing driving privileges can both slow down the development of someone’s career. Fighting back against DUI charges can help Kentucky drivers avoid long leaves of absence and other possible career-related consequences stemming from a drunk driving arrest.