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What role does an IID play in a Kentucky DUI case?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | DUI |

There are numerous penalties that apply after a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction in Kentucky depending on your record and the situation at the time of your arrest. You could lose your driver’s license, especially if you have a commercial license. You could face incarceration and have an obligation to pay thousands of dollars in fines, court costs and increased insurance expenses.

Some drivers may also end up with an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in their vehicle following a DUI charge in Kentucky. Will you have to pay to install and maintain an IID in your vehicle after a drunk driving arrest?

An IID is a privilege, not a punishment, in Kentucky

Every state has a different approach to drunk driving charges and letting people back on the road after a conviction. In many states, installing an IID is mandatory in certain circumstances. An IID can be a secondary form of punishment after someone gets their license back, as well as a way to protect the public by limiting the chances of that particular drunk driver causing a crash.

Kentucky takes a different approach to IID installation. Only drivers who qualify based on their recent driving record can get their driving privileges back with an IID after a DUI charge. If you will qualify for participation in the IID program, you can start driving again much more quickly than otherwise.

If you do qualify, you will have to pay to install and maintain an IID in your vehicle. You will have to perform tests every time you drive, and you risk further penalties if you get caught driving a vehicle without an IID installed.

Being able to drive can be a major benefit

One of the most frustrating consequences of a DUI charge is the loss of your license. You may have to pay for rideshare or taxi rides to get where you need to be or become dependent on public transportation or people that you know. An IID gives you more autonomy and also helps you prove that you have committed to safe and sober driving since your arrest.

Learning about the consequences of a DUI arrest in Kentucky can help you decide your next step when facing charges.