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3 common causes of divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2022 | Family Law |

You may be feeling burnt-out, tired or otherwise distant from your marriage without knowing exactly why, which has caused you to seek a divorce – this is something that happens to many people, especially in long-term marriages.

If you want to pin down why exactly you feel you should leave your marriage, then you could consider the following:

1. There’s no more intimacy between you and your spouse

One of the many reasons why marriages fall apart is because there is a loss of intimacy. You may no longer feel sexually attracted to your partner. You may find that your sexual preferences conflict with your spouse. Intimacy goes further than the bedroom.

You may no longer do the smaller things with your partner: hold hands, kiss, hug, cuddle or spend personal time with each other. This could make it harder to keep that connection with your spouse before or early in your marriage. 

2. You and your spouse constantly fight

Marriages may fail for another reason, constant fighting can make it difficult to stay in a marriage. Arguing, personal attacks or dismissal can all be early signs that there are marital issues. There may even be passive aggression that causes frustration in a marriage. 

Some people seek marriage counseling when issues like fighting arise. Marriage counseling, however, doesn’t promise that a marriage will be mended, and can take months to years before things change in a marriage.

3. There are financial difficulties in your marriage

Some people marry because it’s a financially sound move for both you and your spouse. This can be good early in a marriage when both people are looking to find a stable footing in their lives. Once each person finds that they can be independently stable, however, a split in the marriage may start growing.

If you’re looking to get divorced, then you may need to know your options. Taking the right steps in a divorce could make the difference between being fully independent and having to settle for an unhappy divorce.