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Reasons to bring a lawyer to a professional license hearing

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2021 | Administrative Law |

You probably know that you need a lawyer if someone sues you or you get charged with a criminal offense. An attorney will go to court and advocate for you. They will use their knowledge of the law and the justice system to help you secure the best possible outcome. 

Actual court is not the only time when you would benefit from retaining an attorney’s services. In a situation involving a threat to your professional license, you will need help handling an administrative law matter. Having an attorney represent you during disciplinary hearings could help you avoid the loss of your license or other professional consequences that will affect your career. 

How can a lawyer help?

Professionals in fields ranging from counseling and sign language interpreters to private investigators and secondary metals recyclers need to maintain a license to do their jobs. If you receive a summons to a disciplinary hearing held by the board that oversees your profession, your license could be at risk. 

You will likely struggle to comply with all the rules for an administrative hearing in front of the licensing board for your profession. Additionally, even if you follow the right protocol, you may have a hard time staying calm enough to properly manage your defense. 

An attorney does not have anything personal on the line, so they can remain appropriately professional during your hearing. They also know the right steps to take and how to effectively build an argument that convinces the licensing board not to penalize you or to minimize the punishments they issue. 

When you have help for your hearing, you can focus on continuing your work, rather than investing all of your time and energy in preparing to defend your license. Getting the right help when you have an administrative law issue is as important as getting the right help for a criminal law issue.