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“Drunksgiving” approaches — and the police are waiting

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | DUI |

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving has become such a big party night in this country that a quick Google search will tell you that bars are already stocking up and planning special events.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the night before Thanksgiving has more deadly drunk driving wrecks than New Year’s Eve. You can bet, then, that the police will be out in droves looking for any sign of impaired driving.

Don’t want to end up in jail on Thanksgiving? Remember these tips

If you’re arrested on Thanksgiving eve for drunk driving, the odds are good that you’ll spend your Thanksgiving in jail (since the courts are typically closed and no bail can be had) — and that’s no way to start your holiday season.

With that in mind, be smart: Don’t drink and drive. You have plenty of other options:

  • Going out with your siblings or high school chums for a few drinks? Pick a local bar that’s within walking distance so you don’t need a car.
  • Heading out to have a meal you don’t have to cook and want some wine with dinner? Take an Uber or Lyft. Yes, it may add a little price to your evening, but it’s still cheaper than a drunk driving charge.
  • Out having fun and realize that you drank more than you meant to drink? Ask the manager if you can leave your car in the lot and pick it up later. Then, call a friend or a ride-hailing service to get home for the night.

All that being said, mistakes do happen. You may think you’re perfectly fine to drive until that last drink hits you while you’re on the road, or you may just look impaired to an officer because you’re driving while tired. If so, do yourself a favor: Invoke your right to remain silent and get immediate legal assistance.