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Representation For Administrative Law Matters

Not all law is practiced in the courtroom. In many situations, state and federal agencies have enormous power to make decisions that affect individuals and businesses. Johnson Bowman Branco, LLP, in Frankfort, has the legal knowledge and practical experience to help parties assert their rights effectively in a wide range of administrative matters.

Our location in the state capital puts us in the center of where Kentucky regulations are created and enforced. Whether your situation requires an administrative hearing before the relevant agency or a third-party decision-maker, our attorneys have a detailed understanding of the pertinent rules and procedures.

Handling Licensing, Regulatory And Disciplinary Issues

Administrative proceedings should be taken just as seriously as actions in judicial courts. If you are involved in or plan to institute an administrative proceeding, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced attorney to navigate the bureaucracy and preserve any available right to appeal an unsatisfactory decision through a judicial court.

Our firm has handled multiple actions in state and federal administrative proceedings relating to issues such as:

  • Kentucky State Employee Terminations – If you are an employee of the Kentucky state government and you have been terminated, you will need to request a hearing with the Kentucky Personnel Board. Our attorneys are experienced with this process and provide effective guidance and representation during these hearings.
  • Disciplinary action against government employees – Strict rules control how government workers can be disciplined if they are accused of misconduct. Numerous reasons might exist as to why an adverse decision against you might be overturned. However, failing to abide by the rules of the Kentucky Personnel Board or U.S. Office of Personnel Management could cost you your chance at a successful appeal. We’ll make sure you understand the deadlines and procedural requirements.
  • Defense against environmental penalties – Overreach during the enforcement of environmental regulations could cause undue harm to a business or even a private landowner. When you’ve been targeted for punishment because of some type of purported contamination, we’ll investigate the facts and vigorously counter unwarranted charges brought against you.
  • Appeals of wrongful substantiations issued by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services – Parents and caregivers can appeal child abuse substantiations handed down by Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services. In these tense situations, evidence can often be missed or misinterpreted. We stand up for clients by bringing key information to the attention of the authorities in an effort to win back parental rights and privileges.
  • Suspension of driving privileges and other licenses – If your ability to drive or work has been affected by an unjust license suspension, our firm will evaluate the circumstances and attempt to obtain relief from the relevant board or agency.
  • Appeals when unemployment payments or other benefits are denied – In cases where unemployment benefits are wrongly denied due to an incorrect allegation of misconduct or some other reason, we represent clients in appeals to the Office of Employment and Training. Our firm also handles other cases where clients seek to reverse a benefit denial.

Don’t be intimidated to take on state or federal authorities if you believe your rights have been violated. We’ll explain your legal options and outline the steps that must be followed in order to pursue relief. From there, you can make an informed choice about what action to take.

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Johnson Bowman Branco, LLP, in Frankfort advises Kentucky clients on all types of administrative matters, including government employee discipline, license suspensions and environmental sanctions. Please call 502-537-6192 or contact us online to discuss your situation at our office.